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January 20, 2014

My dearest munchkins,
Welcome to 2014 and a second year that Mommy is participating in the "letters to our Children" blog circle with some other awesome women photographers!
For the first month of the year I am writing to you both together. We spent two weeks in December in California with Nana, Papa, and Kayla. It was a wonderful, busy, exciting and memorable experience for everyone! However with the hustle of the holidays and start of the new year I have not had much time to look at, yet alone edit the hundrends (or thousands) of images I took there!
I am posting a few of the beach near where we stayed, in San Clemente. Beautiful. You guys loved the beach, except M who keeps reminding us that "the beach hurt my legs :( ". With your sensitive skin that salt water did not feel good, did it buddy? Thats ok, the beaches here in Ontario do not have salt so we can try the beach again this summer!
O, you loved it, playing in the water and sand with your cousin, building sandcastles and more!
Besides the beach we did a LOT of other activities;  Disneyland, Legoland, San Diego Zoo, Universal Studios, Anaheim Ducks hockey game, Whale watching and so so so much more! It will be a trip to remember and I hope you both remember it forever! If not, your mom will create an album for you to bring back those memories as you get older and your little brains get filled with other stuff to remember as well! I am so thankful to your Nana and Papa for taking us on this trip, they both love you guys so much and were so happy to see you enjoying your time, meeting your favourite characters and just having fun with your cousin. A trip to remember, and I am posting some images from the beaches this month.  (Maybe that is my way of feeling warm in the midst of this chilly winter weather we have been having!)
Love you guys...and there are only two months left of just hte two of you...can you believe it? Magoo, you will be a big sis soon and O, wow! You will have so much responsibility with two little siblings to take care of! But I know you will be amazing at it!
xoxo love you guys muchly

Click here to view Jen, from Jen Hill Photography's Letter to her children! I cannot wait to read all these letters and get to know some new women's work and families!

January 07, 2014

 Oh sweet Baby Benoit, welcome to the world my friend! You brought your Mom, Dad and big sister the best Christmas gift anyone could ever ask for - YOU! It was a pleasure getting to know you and spending time with this beautiful family, who are also dear friends of mine. And don't you LOVE their home? So much light, a photographer's dream! Until next time...I will leave you with the words of Winnie the Pooh 

 "Sometimes the Littlest things, 

take up the most room in your heart" 

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January 02, 2014

So many colourful events leading up to Harpreet`s big wedding day! I was lucky to document several events including the Sangeet Party (ie Ladies Night!) and documenting her applying her Mehndi.
So much fun and excitement in every room, never mind the beautiful attire and colours worn by the women! I could feel the love at every event for this wonderful woman and her soon-to-be husband. This was definitely an event I was honoured to photograph and hope to again!
 Applying The Henna - so beautiful and such a long process!
Sangeet Dinner and Dance

On the last night before the wedding ceremony, the Bride`s uncles and cousins put her bracelets on her. And of course, there is dinner and dancing again! 

December 24, 2013

The Ice Storm took place 3 days ago and many are still without power!
So sad to see the city and all the mature trees down, power lines still falling...dangerous. But of course, as a photographer, I head out to capture the beauty of nature!

Thank you to ALL of my amazing clients and new friends I met this year! It was amazing. Not only did I get so many great clients through Love Bee Photography, I also joined the Renaissance Studios team and met so many great clients there as well! (some of those client images may be sprinkled through this post!).
I had the pleasure of shooting so many newborns, mamas-to-be, families, events and more. Such a variety of images when I looked through them all, it made me smile a lot!
I cannot wait to see what 2014 will bring! Not only will my own family have a new addition in April, I hope to meet many of your new additions and capture all those amazing life events for you as well!
Have a Happy Holiday Season!
Love, Bee